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September 13-14, Princeton University.


Attendance by invitation-only.


Draft program, subject to change.

Thursday, September 13
        CI and Society #1
    • Contextual Integrity as Commons Governance
      in Online Political Organizing
      (15 min)
      Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo and Katherine Strandburg
    • Knowing and believing: Privacy literacy, privacy self-efficacy
      and context in privacy-protecting behaviors
      (15 min)
      Dmitry Epstein and Kelly Quinn
    • Situated Information Flow
      (20 min)
      Sebastian Benthall
    • Privacy and Religious Views
      (10 min)
      Madelyn Rose Sanfilippo and Yafit Lev-Aretz
Short Break
        CI and Society #2
    • Applying Contextual Integrity to the Cambridge Analytica Case
      (20 min)
      Catherine Dwyer
    • Analyzing Privacy Policy Updates Using
      Contextual Integrity Annotations
      (20 min)
      Yan Shvartzshnaider, Noah Apthorpe,
      Nick Feamster, Helen Nissenbaum,
      Lakshminarayanan Subramanian
    • Enforcing Contextual Integrity With Exposure Control
      (20 min)
      Mainack Mondal and Blase Ur
Short Break
        PrivaCI Challenge
        Discussion over Dinner
Friday, September 14
        Coffee and Refreshments
        CI in Smart Homes and IoT
    • Disentangling Privacy in Smart Homes
      (20 min)
      Martin J Kraemer and Ivan Flechais
    • On Engineering AI Agents for Privacy
      (20 min)
      Rafa Gálvez and Seda Gürses
    • Use Case: Passively Listening Personal Assistants
      (10 min)
      Nathan Malkin, Primal Wijesekera, Serge Egelman,
      David Wagner
Short Break
        CI and HCI
    • Contextual Integrity as a Conceptual, Analytical,
      and Educational Tool for Research
      (15 min)
      Priya Kumar
    • The Emotional Context Of Information Privacy
      (15 min)
      Luke Stark
    • Addressing Conceptual Gaps in Pervasive Data Research Ethics:
      An Application of Contextual Integrity
      (15 min)
      Michael Zimmer
    • Literature Review: Examining Contextual Integrity
      within Human-Computer Interaction
      (20 min)
      Karla Badillo-Urquiola, Xinru Page, Pamela Wisniewski
Short Break
        CI based Systems Design
    • Contextual Permission Models for Better Privacy Protection
      (15 min)
      Primal Wijesekera, Joel Reardon, Irwin Reyes, Lynn Tsai,
      Jung-Wei Chen, Nathan Good, David Wagner,
      Konstantin Beznosov, and Serge Egelman
    • Privacy Heuristics: How Users Manage Complex Contexts
      when Evaluating Mobile App Requests
      (15 min)
      Amit Rechavi, Eran Toch, Jason Hong
    • Privacy-Aware Programming for Microscale Data (10 min)
      Jason Waterman, Eugene Bagdasaryan , Matthew Griffith,
      Griffin Berlstein, Nate Foster, Eleanor Birrell
         Lunch and fireside chat
        Discovering Users' Privacy Expectation
    • Context Matters: Guidance for Applying the Fair Information
      Practice Principles in the Internet of Things
      (20 min)
      Paula Bruening and Heather Patterson
    • Studying User Expectations about Data Collection and
      Use by In-Home Smart Devices
      (20 min)
      Julia Bernd, Serge Egelman, Maritza Johnson,
      Nathan Malkin, Franziska Roesner, Madiha Tabassum,
      and Primal Wijesekera
    • Perceiving Patient Privacy in the Context of
      Heart-Failure Telemonitoring: Adapting the Contextual Integrity
      Framework to Gauge Patients’ Privacy Perspectives
      (15 min)
      Martin French and Heather Patterson
    • Understanding Privacy and Contextual Integrity:
      A Personal Journey
      Anupam Datta
    • Spillover, Discussion, and Wrap up
      (Marshini Chetty, Hellen Nissenbaum, Yan Shvartzshnaider)