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Monday, August 19
        CI: Theoretically Speaking
    Chair: Jake Goldenfein
    • Blending Contextual Integrity and Social Exchange Theory:
      Assessing Norm Building Under Conditions of “Informational
      (20 min)
      Jennifer King
    • Contexts are Political: Field Theory and Privacy
      (20 min)
      Sebastian Benthall and Bruce Haynes
    • Legitimacy in Context
      (20 min)
      Ashley E. Gorham, Helen Nissenbaum, Madelyn R. Sanfilippo,
      Katherine Strandburg, Mark Verstraete
Short Break (15 min)
        Through the Lens of CI
    Chair: Yafit Lev-Aretz
    • Evaluating the Contextual Integrity of Privacy Regulation:
      Parents' IoT Toy Privacy Norms Versus COPPA
      (20 min)
      Noah Apthorpe, Sarah Varghese and Nick Feamster
    • Understanding Children’s Mental Models of Privacy
      based on the Theory of Contextual Integrity
      (20 min)
      Hoda Mehrpouyan, Jerry Alan Fails, Dhanush kumar Ratakonda
    • Disaster Privacy/Privacy Disaster
      (20 min)
      Madelyn R. Sanfilippo, Yan Shvartzshnaider, Irwin Reyes,
      Helen Nissenbaum, Serge Egelman
    • Use Case: Using Contextual Integrity in an Enterprise Context
      (10 min)
      Vicky Froyen
Short Break (15 min)
        Open Mic: CI Playbook for the Future of Privacy
        Symposium At Comal Restaurant (for all registrered attendees)
Tuesday, Auguest 20
        Coffee and Refreshments
         CI and Norms Discovery
    Chair: Kirsten Martin
    • The Contextual Preferences of Older Adults on Information Sharing
      (20 min)
      Alisa Frik, Julia Bernd and Noura Alomar
    • Using Long-Lived Facebook Accounts to Understand Implicit Norms of Consent
      in Contextual Integrity
      (20 min)
      Mainack Mondal, Zhou Jin, Tamara Babaian, Xinru Page, Blase Ur
    • Smart Home Bystanders: Further Complexifying a Complex Context
      (15 min)
      Julia Bernd, Alisa Frik, Maritza Johnson, Nathan Malkin
    • Applying Contextual Integrity Framework
      for Community-Engaged Research Data Management
      (10 min)
      Jina Huh-Yoo
Short Break (15) min
          CI and System Design
    Chair: Susanne Wetzel
    • Contextual Privacy by Design for Integrated Electronic Health Records:
      The Information Continuum Project
      (20 min)
      Timothy Kariotis, Megan Prictor, Kathleen Gray,
      Shanton Chang, Darakhshan Mir
    • Privacy with Surgical Robotics: Challenges in applying contextual
      privacy theory
      (20 min)
      Shishir Nagaraja, Ryan Shah
    • The Limitations of Technical Mechanisms as Proxies for Context
      (20 min)
      Catherine Dwyer
    • Contextual Recommendation Sharing
      (10 min)
      Eugene Bagdasaryan
        Open Mic Follow Up/Lightning talks
        CI and Reasonable Expectations
    Chair: Michael Byrne
    • Using MDPs to Model Contextual Integrity
      (20 min)
      Michael Tschantz
    • Contextual Integrity and Reasonable Expectations:
      Privacy Paradigm
      (20 min)
      Amin Rabinia, Daniel Nathan, Sepideh Ghanavati
    • Uncovering Privacy Norms in Marginalized Communities
      (15 min)
      Dylan Rogers, Desmond Dinkins, Gia Hayes, Richard Stover,
      Shin-Won Cho, Jennifer Silva, Evan Peck, Darakhshan Mir
    • Rethinking the Social Credit System:
      A Long Road to Establishing Trust in Chinese Society
      (15 min)
      Yuhao Zhong and Xiaodong Ding
    • Discussion, Wrap up